Through my years of living in Washington DC, I had met my fair share of people – all of them inspiring in one way or another.

Whether it was the traffic guard standing on the same corner every weekday morning, dedicated to moving traffic and smiling his contagious smile at every person walking by – somehow he always remembered my name and his smile made my mornings- or the homeless guy in the wheelchair, missing his legs, who would always talk to us about war whenever we passed him in the streets at night. There were also my adorable landlords who had been married for longer than I’ve been alive. And then there was Obama, one of the most inspiring of DC citizens, whom I remember walking onto the White House steps and waving to us as we all gathered to party in front of the White House gates after the death of Osama bin Laden. But most importantly, there were my friends, all of whom had something special to offer this city. That’s the thing about cities, there are so many people and yet somehow everyone has something to offer.

This post is dedicated to one particularly inspiring friend who has used his passion for skateboarding in order to help this charming city’s less fortunate citizens. Washington DC skateboarder, Jimmy Pelletier, founded his charity organization, The DC Wheels, back in 2007 and since, has been scouting talent from across the metropolitan region to join in his mission. In Jimmy P’s words, “The DC Wheels’ mission is to overcome longstanding stereotypes that surround skateboarding by helping others, reinforcing positivity, and supporting a healthy lifestyle.”

Any moms who take their kids skateboards when they’re grounded, maybe it’s time to think again.

Jimmy P has been using his passion for skateboarding to bring the youth of DC together, working toward making so many lives better! “How?” you ask….
Check out this video by Roberto Mejia and see for yourself!