Streetstyle – Oslo

If you’ve never been to Oslo, you must know that this is a city of class.

It is a city where cleanliness is valued – you hardly ever see trash on the ground. It’s a city where people take their appearances seriously. Society dresses with intention from childhood to the elder years. It’s a city that gets cold year around – locals get creative with their layers. Finally, it’s a wealthy city where education is highly valued and people treat each other with respect.

I enjoyed getting to know Oslo through its inhabitants and having clever conversations about education and linguistics over multiple bottles of wine. To me, Oslo is the Marsha of the Brady Brunch. It is perfect from an outsider’s perspective. It is as captivating intellectually as it is visually. It’s the world’s “perfect child” when it comes to big cities.

As I explored Oslo, meeting its people and personalities, I fell in love with their confidence and sense of style. It was a challenge capturing all that I wanted to with one camera and two hands. As I photographed one look, five more passed me by. Every time I sat for a coffee, I wanted to jump right back up and capture another outfit walking around the corner. But in the few days that I was there, I managed to compile my own description of Oslo’s street style.


Woman wearing ruffles in Oslo

Woman wearing ruffles in Oslo

Patchwork jacket in Oslo

Man wearing patchwork denim pants in Oslo



Man wearing multiple prints in Oslo

Girl wearing lots of prints in Oslo



Girl wearing all green in Oslo

Girl wearing all black in Oslo



Guy in army jacket sitting on the sidewalk in Oslo

Girl wearing army print shirt in Oslo



Woman wearing bright orange sweater in Oslo

Man wearing bright blue blazer in Oslo

Girl in embroidered shirt on bike

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