Although you may still be wearing flip-flops in Malta, there’s no denying the fact that Christmas is here!

keep-calm-christmas | maltaIt is crunch time on gift buying and chances are, you probably haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet. If you are anything like myself, then you haven’t let those Christmas sales go to waste and you’ve spent all of your time stocking up on your own necessities this winter. That parka was like, half off, and those boots were just perfect in every way. Plus, we all know rings are the rage right now, so we need to buy at least five while were out. Before we know it, Christmas is here and you just remembered that maybe there were a few more people you had to shop for. Well, worry not fashionistas, because I am here to help you out. Follow my advice and your Christmas shopping will be done in no time.

One can never go wrong with food, especially during the holidays. This is the only time of year that you get a free pass to binge-eat on sweets and drink eggnog. So why not provide your family and friends with the pleasure of indulgence and get them something decadent and sweet!

just-one-more-slice | malta

Just One More Slice by Hana Allison

Now close your eyes and imagine a world where all of your Christmas shopping is delivered to your front door. Well, if you live in Malta you can open your eyes now because that world is right here! All you have to do is visit Just One More Slice by Hana Allison, make your selections, and Voila! You’re shopping will be delivered. Might I add, the cupcakes are divine. There is no sweet on this planet that is trendier than cupcakes right now. They’re stylish and they’re small so you can indulge and look classy at the same time! It’s simply the perfect gift.

homemade-chutneys | malta

Home Made Chutneys by Mario Refalo

If you prefer the more adventurous products, I would recommend checking out Home Made Chutneys by Mario Refalo. They are the perfect unique gifts for your intrepid foodie friends. Home Made Chutneys provides the most distinctive and delectable flavors like Pumpkin & Carrots, Red Berries, Aubergines & Onions, Apple & Pears, and my favorite- Banana & Almond. Once you try these delightful treats, you won’t be able to resist wrapping them up for your family and friends.

For those in search of non-food items, but still want to buy something sweet, try My Melts aromatherapy products by Stacey, located in Mosta. These products are made from economically friendly soy wax, so natural that it could even be edible. With a diverse assortment of products and fragrances, you are sure to find something sensational here.

my-melts | malta

My Melts

If you have an eye for interior decorating and design, take a look at these artistic homemade décor and creations, all made in Malta.

kikis-creations | malta

Kiki’s Creations

I died over these patchwork owls from Kiki’s Creations by Christina Gruppetta. And her handmade cards are the perfect addition to a personalized package. The hand painted kitchenware from Artistic Creations by Phyllis Sultana caught my eye as I was scouting. If florals are your thing, then you absolutely have to check out her painted home décor. Another festive buy for the holiday season is, of course, Christmas ornaments. And Stephanie Chambers makes the cutest! Fabric Arts by Stephanie has a variety of personalized Christmas ornaments, sewn with a little pocket at the back in order for you to add your own bit of personalization. I, myself, bought one just so I could stick a little note inside for a friend. What a brilliant idea!

fabricarts-by-stephanie | malta

Fabric Arts by Stephanie

Now for you fashionistas out there searching for that glamorous statement piece to flaunt, I have just the gift idea for you. Fortunately, Fransina Grima has blessed Malta with some of the sexiest accessories since Bestsey Johnson came around.

fransina-clutch | malta


Fransina’s clutches and handbags are reminiscent of Diane von Furstenberg, with their sultry patterns and impressive use of texture. My best friend will be getting one for Christmas this year. I saw those darling clutches and my heart jumped with jubilation. Fransina even threw in a couple heart shaped ornaments that she had made as well. Hats off to one of my favorite fashionistas, Fransina.

Speaking of fashionistas who are making it in Malta, here are a few jewelry designers that are definitely worth checking out. Bobo Star by Sam Selby has a magical, organic style to her jewelry. These exquisite pieces, all symbolic and meaningful, are inspired by the magic of Peter Pan and the concept of fairytales. These pretty pieces are perfect for any age.

bobo-star | malta

Bobo Star by Sam Selby

Taking one more step into the world of whimsical jewelry, we find Emerald Inceptions, a vintage inspired concept of jewelry based on inspirations such as the Victorian era, fantasy Steampunk, Goth, classic literature, British shabby chic gusto, and French vintage glam. This unconventional jewelry defines “wearable art” and provides a unique gift for any girl on any occasion.

emerald-inceptions | malta

Emerald Inceptions

On a more Bohemian note, Klesidra is creating very organic inspired jewelry in brilliant colors with an array of Bohemian prints. Klesidra uses fabric to wrap in interesting ways, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for a free spirited look.

klesidra-necklace | malta


And for the girl who has everything, check out Firecrafted. Silvana Mallia, designer of Firecrafted creates jewelry with fine silver, bronze and precious metals incorporating materials such as semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, or Swarovski elements. Inspired by Malta’s nature, sea, and local handmade lace, she constructs quality, contemporary jewelry with an artistic flair.

firecrafted-pearls | malta


stephanie-borg-tile-prints | malta

Stephanie Borg Maltese Tile Prints

For you artists out there, check out these drawings, paintings, and prints by Stephanie Borg and these stone paintings by Berivan Serin. Stephanie Borg, a graphic and surface pattern designer has started a series of drawings, prints, cards, coffee mugs, and even mouse pads, with designs inspired by Maltese scenery and the traditional Maltese patterned tiles. Stone paintings by Berivan Serin make for fun, unconventional gifts, as well. Mix and match these unique collectibles with holiday themes or inspirational quotes painted on decorative stones. These precious pieces make perfect gifts for just about any occasion.

stone-painting-santa | malta

Stone Painting by Berivan Serin

stone-paintings | maltaSo, artists, fashionistas, and fellow last minute Christmas shoppers, click on these links and shop away! And while you’re at it, save these websites for future gift buying occasions. You never know when something will come up, and you will need to get your hands on something memorable and unique or that special somebody… or for yourself. Best of luck and happy holidays! xx