The last days of summer are always the warmest, brightest, and most treasured of them all. They are the days that we try to fit everything in. Time starts moving faster and like watching the last seconds in an hourglass, the days become shorter, slipping quickly out of our grasp. Every day becomes more valuable. We begin to look back on the warm months and wonder if we made the best use of our time.

The last days of summer are the most youthful and vibrant- remembering to care less and live more. Skinny dipping and orange sunsets. Music festivals and boat parties. Grafitti-covered walls and adventures to undiscovered places. We notice the bright blue of the Mediterranean and see the deep green in the grass as we lay our heads down on the Earth and embrace it’s vivacious elements. We notice the beauty in all the imperfections around us and grasp on to them like a work of art whose paint is beginning to peel away.

And as the last days of summer are so sweet and sacred, just as important are the last nights. Those warm summer nights when you can go out dressed in tiny sequin covered dresses and eccentric little tutus. The little black dress paired with those edgy city girl boots. Embracing the freedom of exposing our skin to the warm air and cool sea breeze. Embracing the freedom of our youth. Choosing our outfits like we choose our everyday decisions – confidently spontaneous.

Suddenly, that last minute music festival seems like the highlight of the whole year. And those drunk nights on the beach, just wasting time, now become polaroids in your memory’s scrapbook and you start wishing you had wasted more time on the beach. You begin to realize just how precious your youth and your time really is.

And just as quickly as the summer arose, it swiftly sets back over the sea and we begin to welcome in the fall season. We take those summer memories and thread them into our patterns and habits. The sweetness of the warm season lingers because we remember just how joyous those spontaneous nights had been. As we pull down our jackets and scarves to prepare for Fall, we leave that little black dress out. We slip a sweater over the tutu because it just might complete a winter outfit. That little sequins dress stays in sight because we’re not quite finished with it yet. We remember to live comfortable and free because our youth stays as long as we allow it to.

Photography by Jason Spiteri
Makeup by Henry Galea
Clothing by Freeze Frame Fashion
Jewelry by Sam Selby