Hell’s Hotel

We rose early, packed a bag of Freeze Frame outfits and a cooler full of wine, and set off for the photoshoot. Jimmy and I planned to meet the team at 8 am on set.

It was a secluded location for the shoot and quite abandoned for some time. I chose it for its mysterious nature and dilapidated state – left alone in the middle of the woods and constantly covered in graffiti, like an urbanized campsite that once held a hotel. Rooms still with tiles and vines creeping across the walls around us as if we were in a scene from Where The Wild Things Are. The dark urban setting juxtaposed nicely with the punk aesthetic of Freeze Frame’s looks.

As makeup artist, Henry Galea starting painting his magic across my face, photographer, Jason Spiteri scouted out the location. Jewelry designer, Sam Selby, laid out her new Sirena Collection to pair with each look. The sun began to rise and the day heated up quickly.

We did most of the photoshoot inside an abandoned pool house. Graffiti covered the enormous walls and it felt like we were in a creepy gallery exhibition rather than in the middle of an abandoned building at risk for falling any minute. The pool – or what once was – looked like a giant dumpster, filled a third of the way up with debris, broken bottles, and rusted graffiti cans.

We occupied several hours with shooting in front of different walls with different outfits and different makeup looks – Henry’s makeup brush battling the heat and my sweaty nose. By the end of the day, we were exhausted, sweaty, and covered in dust – but all totally satisfied with a day’s work on this photoshoot.

A badass collection of Freeze Frame outfits and a fantastic team effort helped us to achieve this. Enjoy!

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