How many moms can share the similar story of spending an immense amount of money on maternity clothes, only to find that when the baby arrived, you adopted a new wardrobe of yoga pants, tee shirts and flip flops. Your old clothes no longer fit and those fancy new maternity clothes lost their charm when you began losing your time and energy. Although it may seem impossible to look your best these days, it is still extremely important for you to look and feel great everyday- baby bump or no baby bump. Here’s a few style tips to get you back in the game.

One Hit Wonder

Make a bold statement with one big bang. Choose a statement accessory that fits your personal style. Maybe it’s a silky summer scarf, a sleek pair of shades, a big bangle, a bold necklace or a luxurious watch. Try purchasing a few new items that really stand out to see what makes you shine. Pair your piece with a neutral outfit that’s easy to mix and match for a fashionable, yet efficient, on-the-go lifestyle.


Wrap It Up

Missing those elastic waistbands yet? Try garments that give you the same security and that cover those troublesome midriffs. Wrap tops and dresses that tighten higher on your rib cage will hide those problem areas and accentuate the thinner parts of your beautiful body.


It’s In the Bag

Put an end to those endlessly deep diaper bags that eat your belongings and swallow your style. Jazz it up with a statement bag instead. That trendy new tote can double as a chic diaper bag and add a swing to your everyday routine.


Up, Up, And Away

When it comes to mom jeans, the higher the better. Lucky for you, high waist jeans are back in town. Everybody’s wearing them! When covering your trouble zone, try for the button to sit at or just above the navel. You will look thinner and feel better instantly.


Smarty Pants

Throw out those old sweatshirts that hide you away from the rest of the world. Find a nice fitted blazer – something cool and casual – and throw it over jeans or a dress. This feminine touch will add sophistication to your style and complete your outfit in a snap. Pick up your designer diaper bag and seize the day!

How do you stay in style shape? Comment below! xx