Now that I’m back in my homeland, I’ve been doing quite a bit of exploring in the good ole RVA. The thing about cities and growing up is that things often change. When you go away for several years, you usually come back to a parallel universe that looks like home, except a lot of your friends are grown up and boring now – sometimes with kids and a family. The other strange thing that happens is that less fortunate neighborhoods start to turn into gentrified areas sprouting art galleries, cafes, and cool mustaches right around the corner from the corner mart and the old barber shop. Realizing that this is part of the circle of city life is just one aspect of adulthood.

In my quest for adulthood this week, I discovered something great in Richmond. In what used to be a hood part of town, I found a shockingly shabby chic cafe complete with a wine and beer store amongst shelves of bartending supplies – all for sale. We came in search for a toilet and ended up sitting down with the best cup of coffee and a bowl of jalepeno mac-and-cheese. The ladies behind the counter were really cool and all the guests were clearly local participants in Richmond’s growing creative scene.

Saison offered a nice soulful menu and an awesome bottle selection of wine and beer – many of which were local. Complete with a nice crowd of local creatives, this cafe is totally a traveling bar enthusiast’s dream.