Matt Micallef- A Master Of His Craft

Talent is something that we all have within us- something that comes with practice, skill, passion, and perseverance.

It is something that shines bright under the light of discipline. Multi-talent is something that is hard to find, however, especially if you order success on the side. In order to become multi-talented and successful, well that could take a lifetime to achieve.

I, however, have come across a very inspiring, multi-talented, young man with an outstanding eye for art and design.

matt-micallef-art | malta mt

With a fascination for cars, Matt Micallef began translating his ideas into sketches at an early age of 8 years old. Fast forward several years, and now he’s an established young artist holding solo art exhibitions of his greatest works here in Malta. I had the pleasure of attending his most recent exhibition in Qawra at the chic restaurant, Garam Marsalaa. Surrounded by delicious Indian food and phenomenal works of art, it turned out to be a spectacular night.

matt-micallef-art | malta mt

His fondness of abstraction and pop art shines through in much of his work. Brightly colored abstract acrylic paintings and pop art pieces of snazzy cars and fictional entertainment icons decorated the walls of the exhibition.

matt-micallef-art | malta mt

My experience walking through this exhibition was just like walking through a candy store- you know those candy stores with the containers and scoops, where you analyze the options while filling up your little baggy with an assortment of all of your favorites kinds of sweets. Well, this exhibition, for me, was like walking around a room full of all of my favorite kinds of art. Matt’s artistic versatility was an astounding thing to witness.

matt-micallef-art | malta mtmatt-micallef-art | malta mt












At one point, he handed me his sketchbook and allowed me to turn through the pages of his creative mind. As I viewed his private work, I started to realize the extent of his creativity. Car models, never created before, had come through his imagination and were illustrated here on these pages, just as if they had been real.

matt-micallef-art | malta mt

It is really mind blowing to observe an array of such talent. Feeling that captivating pull when you stand in a room full of impeccable art, and your eyes tug you around, jumping from one piece to the next; pushing and pulling you closer and further, to and from each piece, until you’ve inspected just about every stroke there is to see- now that’s what I call an art exhibition! There was an element of aliveness in that restaurant as it was surrounded by Matt’s work, and I can’t express enough, just how refreshing it is to see such exceptional creativity.

matt-micallef-art | malta mt

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