An imagination is one’s ability to form pictures in the mind – the process of forming images or concepts in that little space between your ears.

The challenge of being an artist is using this imagination to captivate an audience. We look at art in order to feel something, whether it’s happiness, heartache, exuberance, bewilderment, or just plain reflection. I believe what makes a good artist, is the ability to evoke certain feelings in their audience to the extent that something deep inside of them begins to crave more. Artist Seth Pitt makes this look so easy.

Seth’s imagination is one with exceptional strength. His art relates to the very matters that we all deal with from day to day and the things which we all find ourselves searching for in life, unraveling them right there in front of our eyes for our reflection. Through this expressionism we are introduced to a poetic world where the creatures and characters feel the feelings that we do and want the things that we want. With subjects so relatable, how could you not fall in love with these pieces?

Seth’s studio and gallery, Creature, is located in secluded Thomas, West VA. Here you can find his versatile collections of art. Just down the street, he co-owns a gallery called The White Room where he also shows his work, along with regional artists and friends. As a self taught artist, growing up believing that he couldn’t draw or paint, Seth has proven the very message that his art relays. Life is about enjoyment and fulfillment and those who find these things will most definitely flourish.

Stay up to date with Seth’s latest work HERE.

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