Hello, I’m Sacha Kinser, American native and Maltese implant. ColorMeCashmere was born from my passion for travel, writing, photography, style, art, and modeling. After studying Fashion Design at Marymount University for five years, I decided to venture away from America to seek out my Maltese roots. Since I was young, I have always had the luxury of travel and will never be able to put that habit down. Moving to Europe opened a world of travel opportunities for me and pushed me to kickstart this blog. I see beauty in different cultures through art and innovation and strive to immerse myself in it everywhere I go. Through my writing, photography, and personal style, I plan to share with you my stories and inspirations.

For commissions, advertising, and collaboration enquiries, please email me at Sacha@colormecashmere.com.

xx Sacha Kinser

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